Dear father

If only I could find the answer to take it all away...

It's hard for me to say
I need you, I love you
My feelings are gray
But yes it's true
Please stay by my side
Never, never give up
And never say goodbye
I fell apart, but got back up again
Even if I cry I try
You're falling and you feel so much pain
Happiness is a lie

If only I could find the answer to push it all away...

You don't have to bear all this sorrow
And I did not want to be so sad
Worse than today, will be tomorrow
You know this world is totally mad

You love your life
We live our love

I'm afraid I'm cold I'm hurt
And I know you are too
Everything is destroyed in my heart
Pray for something new

If only I could find the answer to throw it all away...

We are lost in darkness
Life is not harmless
But in the black hole of our existence
We have to use our iceberg's persistence

Together, and forever
Dear father